About us

RMMRU is a center for migrant research, advocacy and training based at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1995, RMMRU has worked diligently to illuminate the potential of migration to initiate pro-poor growth and poverty reduction in South Asia. By cooperating with regional and global organizations, RMMRU continues to facilitate collaborative research that effectively integrates and links global migration discourse with regional grassroots programs in order to identify and eradicate the key issues affecting Bangladeshi migrants. RMMRU’s strong tie to local migration programs and role as an academic leader in migration discourse continues bridging the gap between scholars and grassroots trailblazers. Subsequently, RMMRU plays a key part in the development of effective and relevant training programs and workshops for potential migrants and migration-centered grassroots NGOs in Bangladesh.

Additionally, RMMRU has engaged in over fifty primary research studies on refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless people, labor migrants and diaspora communities. These studies have not only contributed to the development of more effective programs, but have also significantly shaped migration policy in Bangladesh. Through ongoing programs, media campaigns, and research projects, RMMRU hopes to promote the idea that a well-governed and informed migration system will reduce poverty and benefit both receiving and sending regions and that migration is an important livelihood strategy to move out of poverty.

"RMMRU works to illuminate the capacity of migration to initiate pro-poor growth and poverty reduction in South Asia"